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OmniOne Network
OmniOne Network is a public mainnet that combines the efficiency of blockchain technology with the convenience and security of FIDO,
designed to provide secure and reliable identification among ecosystem participants.
How does OmniOne Work?
A combination of PoA (Proof of Authority) and aBFT (asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance) consensus algorithm to enforce a mix of scalability, security, and corporate privacy.
Environment to Support Development
Provides a variety of content and services for participants so that the implementation can be quick and easy.
Apply to participate
Info. On process
Preparing and receiving applications for participation
Review of application
Verification of qualification
Notice of approval
03Setting up
OmniOne Account creation guide (Key Pair Creation, Public Key transfer)
Create an account and apply for a role
Approve account and provide API/SDK development guide
Can start using the Blockchain-based environment development, service (issuance, verification)
For further information or inquiry on OmniOne Network, please contact us by phone or e-mail.