Case Studies
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Mobile Resident Card of South Gyeongsang Province
The purpose of this project was to innovate so that the residents of Gyeongsangnam-do can receive public services more conveniently and safely in their daily lives with various digital services using its blockchain technology.
The Trusted Platform for Autonomous Vehicles of Sejong-si
This is the pilot project of trusted platform for autonomous vehicles of Sejong-si with OmniOne and one of the
Public Mobile Identification Card of MIOS
The Introduction of Public Official’s Mobile Identification Card for the Ministry of the Interior and Safety with OmniOne.
Blockchain-based simple authentication service developed and provided to Military Manpower Administration (MMA)
MMA’s public service portal site is the first Korean public institution’s website to provide a blockchain-based electronic signature service (DID). By implementing OmniOne technology, users can authenticate and perform identification without going through cumbersome process.
Decentralized Identity-based Robo-advisor Service in Collaboration with KFTC
By deploying OmniOne, KFTC can provide authentication services that reduce identification and information entry procedures when opening non-face-to-face accounts or subscribing to financial products. The financial institute is a pioneer in the deployment of a blockchain-based financial service in Korea.
Public Mainnet Expected Use Cases
OmniOne Public Mainnet structures enable the application of a variety of use cases. Discover how OmniOne Network can be applied in the daily life and ease your life.